Snapsafe Dehumidifier Rod 24In.

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Snapsafe Dehumidifier Rod 24In.

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Snap Safe 75905 24 Safe Dehumidifier Rod

Keeps Your Guns Free from Destructive Moisture
Eliminate moisture and prevent rust and corrosion with the Goldenrod Dehumidifier electric dehumidifier rods. Available in three sizes for different gun safes, closets and small secure enclosures. The SnapSafe Gun Dehumidifier rods come with snap-on feet and should be positioned on a level surface.
Goldenrod Dehumidifier rods are available in the three following sizes:
12″ Dehumidifier Specifications:
7 watts
100 cubic feet coverage
18″ Dehumidifier Specifications:
10 watts
200 cubic feet coverage
24 Dehumidifier Specifications:
12 watts
300 cubic feet coverage
Keep your guns in peak condition year-round with protection at the highest level from corrosive moisture with easy-to-use electric rods.

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