Auto Advance Target System

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Auto Advance Target System

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Lyman 4320051 Auto Advance Target System

Improve Your Range Experience
Shooters who incorporate the Lyman Auto-Advance Target System into their range time will be able to add more minutes behind the trigger, thanks to the features of this innovative auto-deploying target.
The Lyman Auto-Advance Target System allows shooters to use a personal remote to drive the target from the firing line out to a distance of 200 yards, ensuring that shooters never need to walk up and down the range or call for a break to change their range targets.
Battery operated
Disassembles for easy carrying and storage
Features protective plating to withstand rimfire ammunition
Legs constructed from easily replaceable conduit tubes
The Lyman Auto-Advance Target System is also compatible with the company’s rolls of advancing targets, allowing for fresh target changes with a simple switch.

Material: Steel

Additional part numbers for Auto Advance Target System:4320051 32873400519 LY4320051 539-000-050WB

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