Shockwave Blade OD Green

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Shockwave Blade OD Green

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Kak Industry Llc. SHOCKWAVEBLADEO Shockwave Blade OD Green

Made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer, the Blade is manufactured to exacting tolerances and fits all pistols equipped with a standard AR-15 pistol buffer tube (up to 1.25і in diameter). No special receiver extension needed. No half-hour installation process. Just slip it on and tighten the large set screw for a rock-solid installation. This veteran-designed and U.S.A.-manufactured shooting aid improves your marksmanship by providing additional support of your pistol while you still hold and operate it with one hand. The Blade incorporates a vertical fin, which you stabilize against the inside of your forearm when in the firing position. Or, you can stabilize the Blade against your cheek for a perfect, steady sight picture.
Fits all pistols equipped with a standard AR-15 pistol buffer tube (up to 1.25і in diameter)”AR pattern, Glock, CZ Scorpion Evo 3, HK9X pattern, etc.
Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Grey
Quick and easy to install
Provides additional support during firing
Weighs a scant 5.0 ounces
ATF approved for pistol use
Veteran designed, engineered, marketed, and sold
Made in U.S.A.

Additional part numbers for Shockwave Blade OD Green:   100-022-569WB

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