L7Awm 10Rd Mag Trans Smoke

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L7Awm 10Rd Mag Trans Smoke

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Lancer Systems L710SMK L7AWM 10rd Translucent Smoke

When they set out to develop a tough and reliable .308 polymer magazine on the market, Lancer took engineering inspiration from the L5AWM (5.56) and the SIG Sauer MPX, combining the best advances of both to bring the L7AWM 7.62X51mm magazine to life.
The L7AWM is lightweight with steel feed lips that wrap completely around the magazine to maximize stiffness and reliability while preventing dimpling to the front of the magazine. A switchable drain lock in the floor plate comes standard on all L7s, allowing users to configure the magazine for either water-borne or extreme dust conditions. The L7AWM is designed to work in multiple weapon systems.

Additional part numbers for L7Awm 10Rd Mag Trans Smoke: 738435617189  100-022-884WB

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