50 Cal .485 Hard Ball System


50 Cal .485 Hard Ball System

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Hornady 6950 Rifle Adjustable Peep Short Bullseye Rear Sight Black

For Fast Target Acquisition & Improved Accuracy
Barrel-mounted, dovetail Bullseye sight gets you on target fast with perfect alignment for improved accuracy. Steel, double-ring peep design ensures consistent sight alignment and helps improve shooting form. The moment the rear sight is misaligned, the front sight drifts out of the center ring, telling the shooter to re-align. Replaces standard 3„8″ dovetail rear sights on many rifles. For use with bead-type or traditional blade front sights. Adjustable models are available with a short or long base and six-position step elevator that’s adjustable in .030″ increments for precise elevation settings.

Color: Black

Additional part numbers for 50 Cal .485 Hard Ball System:HDY6950 90255269505 HDY6950 579-000-163WB

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