Accurate Powder #11Fs 1Lb

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Accurate Powder #11Fs 1Lb

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Western Powders, Inc. 552 No. 11FS Smokeless Powder 1lbs

No. 11FS is intended for full-power loads in magnum handguns and smaller capacity rifle cartridges. This double-base spherical propellant was developed with an eye toward personal defense and incorporates a flash-suppressant that substantially reduces muzzle signature in low light conditions. In the .300 Blackout, No. 11FS is capable of extremely high velocities with lighter bullets, making it the best propellant choice for shooters looking to maximize downrange performance. Made in the USA.

Additional part numbers for Accurate Powder #11Fs 1Lb: 94794029712 ACC552 100-028-539WB

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