Dewey Nylon Cleaning Rod 50 Cal 62”

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Dewey Nylon Cleaning Rod 50 Cal 62”

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Dewey 50C62 Dewey 50 cal. 62 Cleaning Rod

Dewey cleaning rods are a favorite with competition shooters in all disciplines. The coating on Dewey rods is tough and expertly applied. We include a jag and brush adapter (where needed) with all Dewey rods. We have added the 20 caliber rods recently – they are also the perfect rod for your .22 rimfire rifles. The .17 to .20 caliber rods are hardened, polished stainless steel and are not coated.
Coated Rods – All Dewey rods for .22 caliber and up CENTER FIRE rifles are coated and male threaded. A jag and a brush adapter are included with each rod (.22 caliber jag with the .22 to 6.5 rods, .30 caliber with the .277 and up rods , .35 caliber with the .35 and up rods and .50 caliber with the .50 caliber rods.
Stainless Rods – Dewey’s .17 and .22 rimfire/.20 caliber center fire rods are female threaded uncoated stainless steel. The .17 caliber rods come with .17 caliber jag. The .22 rim fire/.20 caliber rods come with a .20 caliber jag that works for both types of cartridges.

Additional part numbers for Dewey Nylon Cleaning Rod 50 Cal 62”: 608060100175  749-006-383WB

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