366 Auto? Loader Powder/Shot Shut-Off

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366 Auto? Loader Powder/Shot Shut-Off

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Hornady 50030 Gas Buster Charging Handle w/Flat Latch

Keeps Gas Blowback Away From Shooter’s Face
The Precision Reflex Gas Buster AR-15 Charging Handle has a special gas deflection groove that deflects gas blowback, oil, or other debris away from the shooter’s face. A PRI Gas Buster will help protect you in the event of a blown case, failed primer, or some other cartridge failure.
PRI machines each Gas Buster charging handle from extra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, with extra metal at stress points to resist twisting or, even worse, breakage under hard use. A matte black hardcoat anodized finish helps prevent surface wear. The latch itself is made of steel so this small but critical part won’t fail you at the wrong time.
The Precision Reflex Gas Buster AR-15 Charging Handle comes as a complete assembly, ready to drop into your rifle. It is available in three configurations:
Flat Latch model most resembles the standard mil-spec charging handle, but has a deeply hooked latch face that gives you a super-secure, non-slip hold
Military Big Latch is oversized with a straight front edge that is easy to locate, grasp, and operate; edges are rounded to protect your fingers
Combat Latch has a similar contour to Military Big Latch but is 17% larger, with serrations on the front edge to assist in quick and comfortable operation
All versions of the Precision Reflex Gas Buster AR-15 Charging Handle are designed to help you operate the handle reliably and quickly under stress, when crucial seconds make all the difference.

Additional part numbers for 366 Auto? Loader Powder/Shot Shut-Off:50030 90255500301 50030 556-000-002WB

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