338 LAPUA .338” 265 GR. LRX BT/ 50/BOX

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338 LAPUA .338” 265 GR. LRX BT/ 50/BOX

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Barnes Bullets 30434 338 Caliber (0.338″) 265gr Boat Tail 50/Box

Long-range hunting just got easier with the Long-Range X BulletВ (LRX) line. No lead, just 100% copper bullets designed after the Tipped Triple Shock X BulletВ. Features larger ogive and boat tail lengths to increase the B.C. values for improved long-range ballistic performance. The polymer tip starts the bullet expansion, opening the nose cavity instantly on contact, which doubles the bullet’s original diameter. Four cutting petals guarantee extensive internal damage for a clean, quick kill.

Additional part numbers for 338 LAPUA .338” 265 GR. LRX BT/ 50/BOX: 716876338825  749-012-648WB

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