223 Rem Brass 100/Bag

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223 Rem Brass 100/Bag

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Starline, Inc 223REM 223 Remington Brass 100/Bag

Reload-Ready Brass Made Expressly for Your AR-15
Starline .223 Remington brass provides owners of the most popular chambering of America’s most popular rifle with handload-ready brass made to exacting specifications.
Starline .223 Remington brass can be used for both the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO-pressure loads. The .223 Remington has distinguished itself as a top-notch varmint and target caliber, and it is well-liked due to its inherent accuracy and reduced recoil.
Brass can withstand 5.56 NATO loads
Comes in 100-count or 500-count quantities
Ships in loosely-packed bags
Starline .223 Remington brass is absolutely sure to provide premium performance, having been produced by one of the most experienced companies in the business.

Additional part numbers for 223 Rem Brass 100/Bag:   749-017-714WB

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