#21060 #16 Flip Open Scope Cover 1.660 Eye

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#21060 #16 Flip Open Scope Cover 1.660 Eye

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Butler Creek 20160 Eyepiece Lens Cover #16 1.660″ (42.2mm)

Keeps Harmful Debris From Scratching Or Abusing Lenses
Weatherproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof scope covers protect your scope’s lenses from being damaged during tactical and hunting situations. Cover flips open easily with finger pressure to spring up, and out of the way. Eye and Objective covers sold separately. To determine the correct scope cover, measure the diameter of your scope eyepiece or objective and use the chart.

Additional part numbers for #21060 #16 Flip Open Scope Cover 1.660 Eye: 51525201601  120-000-013WB

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