1603Is2C/4782 Shotgun Case-1 Gun-Black

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1603Is2C/4782 Shotgun Case-1 Gun-Black

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International Case Co. 1603IS2C4782 Shotgun Case-1 Gun-Black

The double wall construction of the 1603i-2C consists of an outer case welded to a thermoformed inner case, finished with plush velvet cushioning. 1603i-2C’s double wall construction absorbs maximum shock without breaking, while protecting the contents of the case. The interior is designed with separate compartments for the barrel and forend, stock and receiver, chokes and tools. The 1603i-2C shotgun case fits a O/U with two barrels up to 36і. TSA Compliant.

Additional part numbers for 1603Is2C/4782 Shotgun Case-1 Gun-Black:   100-017-613WB

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