14120 45 Off Acp Magazine, No Pad, S/S

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14120 45 Off Acp Magazine, No Pad, S/S

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Chip Mccormick Custom, Llc. 14120 .45 Off ACP No Pad

Extra Capacity & Reliable Feeding
Designed by champion shooter Chip McCormick with his unique, flat follower to give more capacity. Features a fixed base that’s drilled for easy pad installation. All springs are Wolff. Advanced feed lip geometry gives ­­­smooth, reliable feeding with a wide selection of bullets. Held to +/- .001″, 75% tighter than military spec. Extra large, numbered holes for quick round counting.

Additional part numbers for 14120 45 Off Acp Magazine, No Pad, S/S:   207-000-004WB

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Chip Mccormick Custom, Llc.

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