13111 Xp 38 Super 10Rd Magazine

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13111 Xp 38 Super 10Rd Magazine

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Chip Mccormick Custom, Llc. 13111 Extra Power Function Pak

Like all Wolff springs, these for the 1911 Auto in .45, .38 В­Super or 9mm are the finest, most reliable, longest lasting ones available. The springs of choice for most of the nation’s top builders. Except where noted, all recoil springs are supplied with an extra power firing pin spring that keeps the firing pin stop in place and prevents firing pin float; an addition recommended by pistolsmith Bill Wilson. Consists of 5 recoil springs: 16 lb. factory standard, 18ВЅ lb., 20 lb., 22 lb. and 24 lb., plus 3 extra В­power firing pin retraction springs.

Made in the USA

Additional part numbers for 13111 Xp 38 Super 10Rd Magazine: 705263131118  969-131-110WB

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Chip Mccormick Custom, Llc.

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