#12150 Power 10 Plus Magazine

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#12150 Power 10 Plus Magazine

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Chip Mccormick Custom, Llc. 12150 Power Plus Magazine, 10-Round

Premium, No-Fail Features Plus Additional Rounds
Built to the very highest standards for the no-fail performance competitive and self-defense shooters demand. Feed lips are roll-formed and polished, not die cut, for added strength, and Chip’s follower design provides flawless feeding with semi-wadcutters and hollow points. Powerful spring of proprietary, heat-treated Rocket Wire further ensures reliable feeding, even when left fully loaded and seated in a pistol for extended periods. Removable plastic base pad with full, front-to-back engagement, is built to withstand continual use, and numbered witness holes on both sides of the body provide a fast, visible round count. Long-body 10-round model has base pad that wraps around exposed portion of magazine that extends beyond mag well. Power Plus models have an advanced anti-tilt follower for even more stable support of the round stack”extra insurance that every round feeds, first to last. Replacement Power Mag Springs and Followers available separately.

Capacity: 10-Round

Additional part numbers for #12150 Power 10 Plus Magazine: 705263121508  207-000-025WB

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Chip Mccormick Custom, Llc.

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