1.65” Flip-Up M4 Front Sight Steel Black

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1.65” Flip-Up M4 Front Sight Steel Black

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Knights Armament 99051BLK 1.65″ Flip-Up M4 Front Sight Steel Black

KAC’s line of Micro Iron Sights are currently in use by the United States Army, Marine Corps and numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. This is because they are built to exacting tolerances, maintain their zero under adverse conditions and, when folded, have one of the lowest profile top-rail footprints in the industry.
Originally designed for the US military’s SOPMOD rifle enhancement program, the KAC M4 Folding Front Sight is a low profile backup sighting solution that is designed to be attached to the top rail of a rifle’s handguard. When stowed in the folded position, the M4’s sight base extends back to envelope the front sight leaf on the right and left side, helping to protect it from damage.

Color: Black

Additional part numbers for 1.65” Flip-Up M4 Front Sight Steel Black: 819064010401  100-015-210WB

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